Getting tattooed by Chris:

An email consultation will precede the process for all new tattoos being started. The email address is: c.lombardi.tattooer@gmail.com.

All customers are to email their requests directly to Chris. He will determine whether or not to accept the project based on your request(s) and schedule availability.

If a consultation in-person is necessary, or it's time to book actual appointments to get tattooed, Chris will take your email address and phone number and hand it over to reception. They will contact you to book your consultation and/or appointments.

This new process is to help Chris stay organized and give the best and most committed service possible to the customers who have committed to him.

Types of projects Chris will be accepting:

-   Japanese style tattoos

-    American Traditional tattoos

-    Tribal tattoos (large scale only)

All other requests will be considered on a case by case basis.

A deposit of $100 will be taken for all new projects, NO EXCEPTIONS!! That deposit is taken as you book your first appointment or an in-person consultation. The value of that deposit will be taken off the cost of your LAST session (completion of your tattoo). Your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, as you will lose it completely if we don't get 48 hours notice before canceling an appointment.

Any preparation or drawing that your project requires will be ready for your first appointment.

Chris' rate is $200/hr. Therefore, a minimum charge of $200 for any tattoo is required, no matter how small.

There will be price breaks for longer sessions.

Session prices are as follows:

2 hour session: $400

3 hour session: $550

4 hour session: $700

5 hour session: $800


Thank you,

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